How To Test ConnectaShop
In Under An Hour
And See If It Will Work For You

We Will Even Show You How To Undo Everything So No Need To Worry

First Things First

Before we get started, let’s check and see you have everything you may need. 

A Compatible Shop

At this point in time, ConnectaShop only supports connecting to Shopify or WooCommerce. Very soon we will ahve connections into Magento.

A Collaborator

You will need someone to collaborate with. If you do't have anyone in particular in mind and would like some help, consider taking a Collab Masterclass. You'll find someone pretty quick.

A Sense of Adventure

Collaborating is a fun and exciting way to grow your store but can get challenging from time to time. Bring a sense of exploration with you as you navigate this new world.

Let's Get Started

Follow these 5 simple steps to get started within under an hour.

We are assuming for the purposes of these steps that you will be the Retailer or the person who is selling the complementary products to their customers. If you are the supplier, you can think about the opposite of what the step is asking to do and that will be what you need to do.


Get your Collaborator to agree to work with you. Ask them if it’s OK that you use their product listings (photos etc). Work out how much commission will be on the products and agree on how often the items will be paid for. We suggest starting with a daily invoice. ConnactaShop has a feature whereby you can automate payments, but this an advanced tool. We recommend starting out with a simple daily invoice.


Create your ConnectaShop account. You can click the button below to get started. Just fill in the basic details needed and follow along the setup wizard. It will help you get your store connected and help you invite your first Collaborator. The wizard should only take you about 5 minutes to complete.


Once your Collaborator has set up their ConnectaShop account, they will be directed to select which products they would like to make available to you. Once this has been done, you are able to see these products in the Colab and you can then add the product listings to your store with a simple click of a button. This will essentially create a copy of their product listing in your store, including photos etc. You are free to update the product listings as you see fit.


Once you have the product listings in your store and updated to how you like, you can then go ahead and market these products how ever you like. We suggest starting with a simple email out to your existing customers to let them know you know have these amazing complementary products. This is one of the fastest ways to test if this whole collaboration things gonna work for you.


The last step is sit back and watch the orders flow in. If you have done everything right and your collaborators products are a good fit for your customers, it should not be long at all to start seeing your customers buying. 

Where To Next?

Here’s a few ways you can now expand and get more from your Collaborations!

Add More Products

Once you have a few products, you can simply try out some more by adding more to your store.

Add More Colabs

Why not invite some more people to collaborate with.

Go Premium

Once you have started getting some orders, why not consider upgrading and looking at automating payments etc.

How To Stop Collaborating

So Collaborating is not for you? That’s perfectly fine. We don’t expect this will be fore everyone.

Here’s the steps to take to remove ConnectaShop and to clean up your store.


The first thing to stop collaborating is to remove the product listings from your store. Just go ahead and delete them or make them inactive. Once this is done, your customers won’t be able to buy them anymore.


Next you can delete your ConnectaShop account. Go to your account settings and simply click the delete button. You may wish to remove the connectors in your store as well to make sure there are no other apps trying to use it.


We can then part as friends. We don’t mind if you had a go and ind it doesn’t work for you. We try and make it really simple for you to try and even easier to undo. We wish you all the best in your endeavors and if you feel like you wanna give us a go later, you most certainly can. 

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