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Get A Free PLUS Account When You Create 3 Active Collaborations 


A Free PREMIUM Account When Your Create 6 Active Collaborations By The End Of September.

Why ConnectaShop Is Your Next Big E-commerce Move

Collaboration is the future of e-commerce, and we built ConnectaShop with this vision in mind. After a decade of working closely with e-commerce brands, we’ve crafted a platform that lets you harness the power of collaborative selling while eliminating 90% of the work!

Why waste time and resources when ConnectaShop can do it all for you? Here are just a few ways we help you excel:

Get Connected Quickly

Create an account, connect your shop, and start collaborating—all with just a few clicks.

Collaborate with Ease

With a single click, suppliers make products available and retailers can add these listings to their shop.

Automate The Work

Forget about managing inventory and orders manually. ConnectaShop handles it all, letting you focus on selling.

Picture this: Your existing customers receiving an email about exciting new products that perfectly complement their last purchase. That's the power of ConnectaShop.

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Set up three active Collabs before the end of September and we’ll upgrade you to a free Plus account, including payments at no extra cost. That’s a $29 a month value, all for free!  Set up six Collabs and we’ll give you a free Premium account.

Your golden ticket to effortless, automated dropshipping collaborations.

Here's What You Get In A Premium Acount:
  • Automate Your Business: You can add unlimited collaborations and list up to 1,000 products. We handle the inventory and orders so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Limited-Time Offer: Don’t hesitate—this incredible offer expires at the end of September. Act now to secure your free account!

  • Ownership Counts: Make sure you own the collaborations. Only those count towards unlocking your free Scale account.

  • No Hidden Fees: We’re transparent about what you’re getting, with absolutely no hidden costs or extra charges.

  • Unlock Premium Features: Account for shipping costs, get paid quickly for ordered items, and save time with bulk product listings, all courtesy of your free Premium account.

  • Risk-Free: If you decide ConnectaShop isn’t for you, it’s easy to undo and walk away. No hard feelings!

  • Start with a 30-Day Free Trial: Begin your journey with a 30-day free trial to easily set up your first collaborations and experience all the benefits risk-free.

Create your first collaboration in less than 5 minutes. Just create your account, connect your store, invite your collaborator and you are done.

If you run into problems, we are here to help.

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!"

All You Need to Know to Get Started.

What is a Collab in ConnectaShop?

A collaboration in ConnectaShop is a partnership between two online shops, typically a retailer and a supplier, to sell complementary products. The retailer can add the supplier's product listings to their store with just a click, facilitating an easy and mutually beneficial relationship.

What Does It Mean for a Collab to Be Active?

Collabs in ConnectaShop can exist in two states: 'Draft' and 'Active.' In 'Draft' mode, you're still in the planning stages. You can change settings and negotiate terms, without any automation taking place. Once you're ready to collaborate for real, you switch the Collab to 'Active' mode. This activates all the automations, like inventory management and order processing. It's in this 'Active' state that a Collab counts towards qualifying for your free Scale account.

What Does It Mean to 'Own' a Collaboration?

To 'own' a collaboration means you are the one who initiated and manages the collaboration on ConnectaShop. As the owner, you are responsible for payment and thus, you count toward the free Scale account offer. Ownership of a Collab can be transferred to the other party at anytime.

What If I Can't Find 3 Brands To Collaborate With?

No worries—finding the right partners can sometimes be challenging. That's why we're here to help. If you're having trouble securing 3 active collaborations, reach out to us for support. We'll assist you in finding suitable brands to collaborate with and even offer free setup sessions for each collab.

Is It Really Risk-Free?

Whilst nothing in life is totally risk-free, ConnectaShop is as close as it comes. We make it easy to undo any changes you've made. If you decide that it's not for you, simply delete your account and remove any product listings from your shop. No strings attached.

What Happens To My Free Account If I Go Below 3 Active Collabs?

Your free Plus account continues as long as you maintain at least 3 active collaborations that you own or 6 for a free Premium account. If you no longer meet this criterion, standard billing rates apply.

Take Action And Don't Miss Out

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Create at least 3 active collabs by the end of September to get a free account saving up to $79/month

And if you are struggling to secure those active collaborations? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re finding it tough to get responses or set up active collabs, reach out to us. We’ll not only help you find the 3+ active collaborations you need but also offer free setup sessions for each one.

Your success is our mission—let’s make it happen together!

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