Connect, Collaborate, Conquer

Add More Sales Channels To Your Store, Fast!

Collaborating with other brands is one of the best ways to stack your store with more sales channels. Imagine being able to get your “Bricks & Mortor” retailers to sell more of your products or to collaborate with another brand and tap into thst gold mine you are sitting on, your own customer database.

That’s the power of collaborating!

The problem is the effort it takes to manage these collaborations is huge. It can take one full time employee just to keep inventory and orders managed.

We've Got Your Back, Jack

Let us take away 90% of work when collaborating. You could be creating product listings with one click of a button or getting paid straight away for the products your retailers sell. This is what ConnectaShop is all about. 

We automate up to 90% of the work when you collaborate so you don’t have to worrry. From real-time inventory updates and order processing to seamless fulfillment and secure payment handling.

No more chasing orders or fear of overselling—ConnectaShop streamlines your operations, reduces human errors, and ensures timely updates, keeping your customers consistently happy.

With our user-friendly interface, conquer complexities with just a few clicks. It’s the simplicity you need for a hassle-free setup, tailored to meet your collaboration goals.

Expand Your Reach with Easy Collaborations

Imagine your products finding a home on digital shelves beyond your current reach, reaching diverse audiences eager to explore fresh offerings.

ConnectaShop not only simplifies collaboration but becomes the gateway to growing your business through strategic partnerships.

As you connect with like-minded brands, you’re not just sharing shelf space; you’re crafting a shared success story, where every collaboration adds a new chapter to your brand’s growth.

Join us in expanding your reach effortlessly and embracing the endless possibilities that collaborative commerce can bring to your business.

Can you imagine your products  thriving in untapped markets?

We Built ConnectaShop Just For You!

We have been working closley with ecommerce brands for the last decade and we could see the struggle people like yourself were having with finding more ways to sell. Collaborating makes so much sense in the morden world of ecommerce and technology gives you a chance to do all this with a lot less effort. 

ConnectaShop gives you years of experience with collaborative selling and helps you automate the tasks to get things done without all the effort.

Here’s just a few things ConnectaShop can do for you: 

Get Connected Quickly

With just a few clicks of a button you can create an account, get your shop connected and invite others to Collaborate.

Collaborate With Ease

Suppliers can simply select products they want to make available and retailers can add product listings to their shop with a click of a button.

Automate The Work

Once you start selling, have inventory and orders automatically managed for you. No need to chase up orders or fear of overselling.

As soon as you have a product listing ready to go, you can start selling. Why not send out an email to your exisiting customers and highlight the complementary product. Can you see how powerful this can be?

How It Works

Want to see how it all works? Hit the play button below and we will explain it all for you.

Where To Start?

If you’re eager to begin and have a partner ready to collaborate with, here’s a straightforward guide to trying out ConnectaShop. 

We’ll even provide instructions on reversing the process if you discover it’s not a good fit for you, ensuring there’s no risk involved.

Completing the entire process will require less than 10 minutes of your time, and by the end of it, you could be prepared to generate 5 to 10 orders on the very same day.


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