Get Access To Unlimited Products Without The Burden Of Buying Inventory

CoCommerce Has Arrived And Is Ready For You To Take Advantage

Imagine the power of expanding your e-commerce store’s product range without the financial risks and logistical challenges of stocking up on inventory. The possibilities are endless.

What Is CoCommerce?

Simply put, CoCommerce means Collaborative Commerce or where two complementary brands work together to increase their position in a market, 

Think about it. If you were selling T-Shirts, how many of your customers may like to buy sunglasses as well. CoCommerce allows this to happen.

ConnectaShop allows you to take advantage of this unique situation. Within a few clicks of a button you could be collaborating with soemone who sells a prduct yoru customers would love. Can you see the endless opportunity here?


How Dows It All Work?

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