Unlock More Sales Channels, Quickly

After working with online brands like yours for the last decade, we have seen first hand how hard it can be to find effective sales channels. Advertising is becoming more expensive by the day, as is your competition. It can be like navigating a maze with no clear path. The challenge of finding the right avenues for growth often hinders even the most promising brands.

That’s why we are here to help. Collaborations between brands and retailers is not only a simple way to add more sales channels but thanks to tools like ConnectaShop, it’s now much easier too. In no time at all you can have successful partnerships running with other retailers selling your wares.

Our Collab Fast Track Program is here to help you grow fast through strategic collaborations. No more guessing games; just a direct path to unlocking more sales for your brand.

Introducing The Collab Fast Track Program

Collaborations between brands and retailers have emerged as one of the simplest sales channel any online store can access. This opportunity has existed since the dawn of eCommerce but it has been a daughnting task and a path most people simply found too hard to follow.

Now, with the help of tools like ConnectaShop, what used to be an admin nightmare has unlocked one of the most simple and effective sales channels eCommerce has ever seen. And with our Fast Track program, we are making it even easier.

With the program, you get our help to establish your first 3 Collabs with minimal effort on your end. That’s right, we will find the right partners for you, get you set up to to automate most of the work and even help the retailer promote your products so you can see early results in new orders coming through. All you need to do is vet the potential partners until you are happy, establish agreements with your partners and we will do the rest.

What's Included in the Fast Track Program?

When you join our Collab Fast Track program, you are getting our help to get you started very quickly with your first Collabs. 

Establish Your First 3 Collaborations

We understand the importance of strong partnerships. Let us help you find and establish your first three collaborations seamlessly including set up of tools and establishing agreements.

ConnectaShop Setup & Configuration

Leave the technicalities to us. We'll set up and configure ConnectaShop, our powerful app that automates 80% of your admin work, making collaboration a breeze.

Initial Marketing Campaign For Fast Results

Kickstart your collaborations with a bang. We'll work with retailers to launch an initial marketing campaign, ensuring fast and impactful orders.

Your Fast Track Investment

If investing in the growth of your brand is a strategic decision you are ready to take then this is the program for you. For an investment of AUD$1,000 ex, you not only secure the opportunity to establish three partnerships that may see your brand grow beyond your wildest dreams but also liberate yourself from most of the legwork involved.

We understand that finding effective sales channels is a daunting task, and the sheer investment of time and effort can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer you the Fast Track Program – a catalyst for expanding your brand’s reach and influence.

Imagine the possibilities: three new sales channels, carefully curated and effortlessly executed, all with ConnectaShop’s expertise leading the way. Your brand’s journey to accelerated growth begins with a single investment of $1,000 – an investment that promises to redefine the very fabric of your success.

Why Invest in the Fast Track Program?

By enrolling in the Collab Fast Track Program, you’re not just unlocking more sales channels – you’re unlocking a future to grow your brand without the heavy lifting. In the program you will get:

  • Ongoing Support: Enjoy continuous assistance as we help establish your first three collaborations. We’re with you every step of the way, ensuring sustained success.

  • Effortless Collaboration Setup: We do all the legwork. From reaching out to potential collaborators to handling the tech, we make collaboration a breeze.

  • Extended ConnectaShop Trial: Benefit from an extended 90-day trial of ConnectaShop, giving you ample time to experience the full potential of our powerful collaboration automation tool.

  • Half-Price Premium Plan: Lock in a half-price Premium plan in ConnectaShop, providing you with continued access to advanced features at an unbeatable value.

How Do I Join?

The Collab Fast Track Program is your key to unlocking success, but not everyone gets a golden ticket. We believe in quality over quantity, which is why we have a qualification process to ensure the best fit for our Fast Track Program.

Qualification Criteria

Ensuring the success of each participant is at the heart of our Collab Fast Track Program. To qualify for the program, your brand should have: 

  • Established Shopify Store: To be eligible, you must have a live and established Shopify store, showcasing your brand and products.
  • Minimum of 5 Products: Diversify your offerings! You should have at least 5 products ready to hit the market.
  • Complementary Style Products: Collaborations work best when styles complement each other. Your products should align with this principle to maximize the impact of our retailer search.
  • Sufficient Inventory: Make it worthwhile! You must have enough inventory to meet potential demand generated through the Fast Track Program.

How Does the Qualification Process Work?

ConnectaShop takes the qualification process seriously to ensure that our Fast Track Program delivers optimal results for every participant. Here’s how it works:

  1. Request An Application Submission: Enter yoru contact details below to request an application. We will quicly check your store and send you a link to the online form you can fill out to apply.
  2. Review by ConnectaShop: Once you have applied, our team will carefully review your Shopify store, product listings, and overall fit with our program requirements.
  3. Qualification Decision: Based on the assessment, we will inform you whether you have been accepted into the Fast Track Program.
  4. Join the program: Once you have been accepted, we will send you further details including an invoice for payment and book in an initial consult to help us eestablish what success will look like for you.
  5. Sit back and watch us work: Now it’s time to relax and let us get to work finding yoru first 3 collabs.

Ready to Take the Fast Track?

Your journey to accelerated growth begins here. Simply submit the form below to request a Program Application and take the first step towards transforming your brand through strategic collaborations.

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Your business email address
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We’ll review your details in the next 48 hours and promptly send you the necessary information to kickstart your application process. Get ready to unlock new avenues for your brand!

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