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You Can Earn Commissions All While Helping Your Clients Grow Their Ecommerce Stores

With The Power Of Collaborations

Welcome to ConnectaShop, your gateway to untapped revenue streams for your agency and e-commerce clients. Using the power of Collaboration, you can help your clients create strategic alliances, forge partnerships, and elevate your agency to Hero’s level.

How Do Collaborations Work?

Collaborations are the next thing in e-commerce that will drive unprecedented sales growth.

Imagine a wholesaler seamlessly connecting with existing retailers, enabling them to extend their product offerings and create an ‘Endless Isles’ shopping experience. Or picture a retailer collaborating with another brand to promote more products to their customer database

Consider the power of offering complementary products or enticing upsells, like pairing belts with jeans, providing customers with a curated and comprehensive shopping experience. 

These collaborative strategies offer ways to grow a store, fostering innovation and unlocking new revenue streams for your agency’s clients. With ConnectaShop, you’re not just adapting to the future of e-commerce; you’re shaping it, one collaboration at a time.

But Collaborations Take Lots Of Admin Work, Right?

The potential for collaborations is enormous, but often, the reality involves an overwhelming amount of administrative work.

Traditionally, a collaboration meant juggling spreadsheets to update inventory levels, manually sending new orders to suppliers through emails and the constant risk of human error at each step.

The nightmare of handling all this admin would stop even the most task-orientated person from implementation collaborations.

But we have your back. ConnectaShop is the solution to streamline collaborative efforts and alleviate the burdensome admin work. With features such as simple shop integration, one-click product listings to retail stores, and automated inventory synchronization, ConnectaShop simplifies the collaboration process.

Say goodbye to the manual hassle of sending orders via email. ConnectaShop automatically manages the communication with suppliers. And even take payments for order items in real time so the supplier knows they are gonna get paid. Not only that but stay updated on order shipments and tracking details, plus eliminate the risk of errors in every step. ConnectaShop isn’t just a tool; it’s the key to slashing 90% of the administrative nightmares associated with collaboration, empowering your agency to focus on what truly matters: growing your clients’ stores efficiently and effectively.

You Could Be The Hero Your Clients Are Looking For

As an agency, seizing the opportunity to become a hero for your clients has never been more attainable. By partnering with ConnectaShop, you’re not just embracing a revolutionary tool; you’re unlocking a myriad of benefits that can propel your agency to new heights.

Earn up to 50% Commissions:

ConnectaShop isn’t just a game-changer for your clients; it’s a lucrative opportunity for your agency. Earn up to 50% commissions on monthly app fees and explore the potential to white label the app, putting your agency’s brand at the forefront of innovation in the e-commerce landscape. It’s not just about offering a service; it’s about creating a sustainable revenue stream for your agency.

Generate More Projects for Your Agency

ConnectaShop opens the doors to endless possibilities. By introducing collaborations and new revenue streams to your clients, you’re not only elevating their success but also generating more projects for your agency. Imagine the potential for new ad campaigns to promote other brands’ products, expanding your portfolio and solidifying your agency as a go-to destination for innovative e-commerce solutions.

Be the Hero Your Clients Need

What sets your agency apart from the rest? It’s the ability to be the hero your clients have been searching for. ConnectaShop empowers your agency to open up new revenue streams for your clients, creating a lasting impact on their business. You’re not just a service provider; you’re a strategic partner, leading your clients toward unparalleled success in their online store.

What Next?

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