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Discover the step-by-step “Profitable Collaborations” blueprint that will empower you to:

🚀 Find the Perfect Partner: Learn the art of identifying and connecting with brands that can elevate your business.

💡 Craft Irresistible Collaboration Offers: Showcase your products effectively and create offers that attract your ideal partners.

🌐 Navigate Administrative Workload: Streamline your collaboration processes and boost efficiency through smart automation.

💰 Negotiate Win-Win Deals: Uncover the key agreements that pave the way for profitable collaborations.

📈 Elevate Your Ecommerce Game: Explore the power of synergy, efficient operations, and growth through strategic collaborations.

🗓️ Wednesday 14th January 2024

⏰ 11:30 AM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (Sydney) 

👨‍🏫 Brad Younger – Chief Collaborator

Brad, our Chief Collaborator, brings over a decade of e-commerce expertise and a passion for meaningful connections. Tap into Brad’s vast dropshipping experience he gained creating automation apps connecting to markeplaces like The Iconic and Amazon.

Unlock the Secrets of Successful Collaborations

Join Brad, our Chief Collaborator, in the “Profitable Collaborations Blueprint” webinar. In this exclusive session, you’ll learn:

  1. The Fundamentals of Collaboration: Discover the art of finding ideal partners, establishing crucial ground rules, navigating financial aspects, managing shipping logistics, and fostering effective communication to lay the foundation for successful collaborations.

  2. What A Collab Can Do For You: Explore the transformative power of synergy, learn to showcase collaborative products effectively, leverage promotion and engagement strategies, and understand how collaborations contribute to efficient operations and business growth.

  3. What Sort Of Work Is Involved?: Dive into the administrative workload of collaborations, streamline tasks with automation, and master the process of finding and connecting with compatible brands in the vast e-commerce landscape.

  4. Crafting an Irresistible Collaboration Offer: Learn the art of creating collaboration offers that showcase product compatibility, highlight audience reach and demographics, and employ effective promotional strategies to attract potential partners.

  5. What You Should Agree On: Understand the crucial aspects to agree upon in collaborations, including product availability, shipping logistics, buy price (your commission), payment arrangements, and maintaining accurate inventory updates.

  6. Being An Attractive Collaboration Partner: Uncover the strategies to enhance your attractiveness as a collaboration partner, considering the size and reach of your customer base, and utilizing automation tools to simplify processes, especially for Amazon sellers.

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