Lesson 4 - Crafting an Irresistible Collaboration Offer

Before you establish contact with potential collaborators, you will need to outline an offer that highlights the benefits of collaborating with your brand. 

In this section, we will discuss the key elements to include in your collaboration offer, emphasising how their products will resonate with your customers, showcasing the size and demographics of your audience, and detailing the promotional strategies you will employ. 

Let’s dive in!

Showcasing Product Compatibility

In your collaboration offer, clearly communicate how their products align perfectly with your customers’ preferences and needs. Highlight the synergies between your offerings and emphasise how their products can enhance the overall experience for your customers. 

Use specific examples and anecdotes to demonstrate how your audience will benefit from their products.

Highlighting Audience Reach and Demographics

Provide compelling data and insights about the size and demographics of your target market. Showcase the potential reach and exposure their brand can gain by collaborating with you. 

Demonstrate your deep understanding of your audience’s preferences and how their products cater to those specific needs. This will help them see the value in tapping into your customer base.

Promotional Strategies

Outline the various channels and methods you will utilise to promote their products. This can include email campaigns, dedicated features on your website or blog, social media shoutouts, and more. 

Highlight the effectiveness of these promotional strategies and how they have generated positive results in the past. Paint a clear picture of the exposure and brand visibility they can expect through your marketing efforts.

Effortless Collaboration Process

Mention the tools and systems you have already set up to streamline the collaboration process. Refer to the automation tools mentioned in Part 8 (which covers setting up automation) and explain how these tools will simplify inventory management, order processing, and tracking. 

Assure them that the collaboration will be seamless and require minimal effort on their part, allowing them to focus on their core business while reaping the benefits of the partnership.

An Example Offer

Here’s an example offer that Lisa could have used to convince Max they should work together.

Hey Max

Thank you for confirming you are the right person to talk to. As I mentioned, I sell TShirts to a hungry crowd that love my designs. I now have over 3000 returning customers, mainly in their 20’s and live in the USA. 

I think they are going to love your Sunglasses and in particular your line of aviators. This style of sunnies match my audience and I see many of my customers sending me pics wearing aviators with their TShirts while out and about.

To promote your products, I will start by sending out an initial email introducing your sunglasses to my returning customers and showing them how the two products work so well together. I expect to see at least 5 to 10 orders come from this straight away. I normally see this level of sales from a simple email. 

From here I will cross promote your brand, creating bundles and offers where they can buy your sunnies at the same time. I have a large remarketing audience I will use to tap into via some social media paid ads. 

And don’t worry about any extra work that may be created. I have an app that automates most of the heavy lifting so you won’t have to do too much work. Just fulfil my orders as they come in and process my payments to you.

I’m so excited to bring this opportunity to you and think we can do some great work together.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns you would like to be addressed. There is not much you will need to do and it’s very easy to undo if we decide it’s not working out.

If you would like to go ahead and try out a collaboration, we can simply start with one product and see if I can generate some sales from that. Then we can talk about how to scale up from there.

Thanks heaps and looking forward to working with you.

Kindest Regards



Crafting a compelling collaboration offer requires showcasing the alignment between their products and your customers’ preferences, highlighting your audience reach and demographics, outlining effective promotional strategies, and emphasising the ease of collaboration due to the tools you have in place. 

By presenting a well-structured and enticing offer, you increase the chances of converting potential collaborators into long-term partners. 

In the next section, we will delve into negotiating terms and establishing a mutually beneficial collaboration agreement.

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