Exercise 2 - How To Find The Right People And Make Contact

Once you have identified potential brands for collaboration, the next step is to find the right people within those brands to connect with. In this section, we will discuss effective strategies for finding the right contacts and making initial contact in a compelling way. 

By following these steps, you’ll increase your chances of establishing meaningful connections and initiating successful collaborations. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Explore the Brand’s Store:

Visit the website or online store of each brand on your list. Look for a contact page or any available information about the store owner or team members. Often, you can find email addresses or other contact details that can help you reach out to the right person.

Step 2: Utilise Social Media Platforms:

Leverage social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn to further investigate the brands and identify potential contacts. Search for the brand’s official pages or profiles and explore their connections or employees. Look for individuals who hold relevant positions or have a role in product sourcing or partnerships.

Step 3: Reach Out with a Personalised Message:

Once you have identified potential contacts, it’s time to make initial contact. Start by reaching out via email or other messaging platforms. Remember, it’s best to start with the store owner or a key decision-maker as they are often more accessible.

Craft a concise and personalised message that captures their attention. Keep it “More Cheese, Less Whiskers,” a concept coined by Dean Jackson, emphasising focusing on their interests and desires rather than your own. Here’s an example of a one-liner message:

“Hey Jeff, my customers would go absolutely bonkers over your products. Who would be the best person in Jeff’s Jeans to chat about selling your products to my customers?”

Keep the message short, engaging, and focused on the value you can provide to their business. Avoid diving into a sales spiel right away. Instead, show genuine interest in their products and establish a connection.

Persistence and Adaptation

Not everyone will respond to your initial outreach, and that’s okay. Persistence is key. Be prepared to try different approaches and follow-ups. Keep in mind that the goal is to establish a relationship, so focus on building trust and understanding their needs.


By following these steps, you will increase your chances of finding the right people to connect with and initiating conversations about potential collaborations. Remember to make your initial contact personalised, concise, and focused on their interests. 


Persistence is important, as not everyone will respond immediately. In the next section, we will explore how to navigate negotiations and establish mutually beneficial collaborations with the contacts you connect with.

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