Would You Like Your Stockists To Sell More Of Your Products?

We are seeing it everywhere. Wholesale customers are just not buying as much inventory as they used to.  With increasing competition for shelf space and retailers concerned with inventory risk, you are simply getting squeezed out. But there is another way.

The Evolution of Wholesaling Is Here…

Imagine if your stockists could sell your entire product range to all their customers.

There is a way, and it’s been hiding in plain sight.

Dropshipping has been around for a while now. It’s how Amazon and other Marketplaces have made it so big. Would you like to tap into the same way Amazon has made their billions?

Like all evolution, there has been the bad times and the good. The great news for you is that Dropshipping is now at the point where you can take advantage of it without the risk or worries of the past.

No more manual handling of information. No more worrying about your brand being tainted by rogue retailers. You are back in control and by using Dropshipping, you can be in the driver’s seat once again.

It's Not As Manual As You Think!

No More Taking Orders Over The Phone And Emailing Inventory Updates

So you may have already tried dropshipping out, only to find it came with a whole bunch of manual admin. You probably came to the conclusion that dropshipping products is just too hard to make it worthwhile.

And you might have been right.  Until now.

ConnectaShop is your solution! This powerful tool:

  • syncs inventory levels
  • charges retailers automatically when they sell your items
  • and makes order fulfilment a breeze
  • Plus, our simple interface makes it easy for retailers to list your products in their stores.

So why wait? Get started with ConnectaShop today!

Yeah But Dropshipping Is Just For Dreamers Trying To Make A Quick Buck Right?

Not anymore. Evolution has moved Dropshipping beyond its early roots and is now available as a way to grow your Brand into the future.

ConnectaShop is here to help you do exactly that.

Here's How

Click to play the video and check out what ConnectaShop can do for you

Life with ConnectaShop

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

ConnectaShop is a web-based app that connects to your Shopify store.

You choose which of your products to make available to each of your retailers, and these are shown to your retailer on their ConnectaShop dashboard.

Your retailer selects which of your products they want to sell. ConnectaShop creates a listing for the chosen products directly inside their Shopify store. Magic! They don’t need to upload pictures, create descriptions or anything.

When they sell one of your products, the pending order is sent automatically to your Shopify store for you to fulfill.

The inventory levels are adjusted in both stores (no more oversells!). The fulfilment status is sent back to your retailer’s store too.

You get paid immediately: ConnectaShop can charge your retailer automatically on a per-order basis, using credit card payments secured by Stripe. Daily, weekly or monthly order payments are available too, if you prefer.

Can I have different deals for different retailers?


You create a unique partnership (we call them  colabs) with each of your dropshippers. You can choose different products, different prices and different charging frequencies for each of your sellers.

How do I get paid for order items?

We partner with Stripe to manage all payments. The payments go straight from your retailer’s credit card to your connect Stripe account, we don’t touch the funds.

Payments are optional. You can choose to receive payment immediately for each order, or you can consolidate orders into weekly or monthly charges if you wish.

Are there transaction fees to pay?

Stripe will charge you a processing fee for each credit card transaction. Stripe’s fees are about 2 – 3% of the payment total.

How much does it cost?

You can start by paying just $1 per order (billed monthly). Take a look at our pricing for our latest plans.

Prices are in Australian dollars, excluding GST.

There are no lock-in contracts, you can cancel, change plans, or leave at any time.

When you invite a retailer, they pay nothing to use ConnectaShop. Note that it is also possible for retailers to invite suppliers to collaborate.

Whoever does the inviting becomes the ‘owner’ of the collaboration and pays the monthly fees. The other party pays nothing to use ConnectaShop.

Got More Questions?

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