Dropship Without The Hassle

Connect To Your Suppliers And Automate Your Dropship Selling

Have you tried Dropship Selling and found the whole process frustrating?

Things have changed.  In 2022, Dropshipping has evolved so you can take advantage of it without the hassles.

Easy Orders and Fulfilment Tracking!

No More Placing Orders Over The Phone, No More Guessing Stock Availability

You may have already tried dropshipping, only to find it came with a whole bunch of manual admin. You probably came to the conclusion that dropshipping products is just too hard to make it worthwhile.

And you might have been right.  Until now.

ConnectaShop is your solution! This powerful tool:

  • sends your orders automatically
  • handles payments instantly
  • takes the guesswork out of order fulfilment
  • Prevents oversells, with inventory updates from your suppliers
  • Plus, our simple interface makes it super-easy to list products in your store.

Dropshipping in 2022 is easier than ever before.  See how ConnectaShop can help automate your processes, so you can sell more.

Life with ConnectaShop

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

ConnectaShop is a web-based app that connects to your Shopify store and to your suppliers’ stores.

ConnectaShop shows you a list of  your suppliers’ products.  You choose which ones you want to sell with the click of a button. 

ConnectaShop creates a listing for the chosen products directly inside your Shopify store.   Images, descriptions and attributes are created automatically in your store.  So easy! 

When you sell a product, the pending order is sent automatically to your supplier for them to fulfil.

Inventory levels are adjusted in both stores (no more oversells!) and the fulfilment status is updated in your store after the product is shipped.

Paying for products is simple too.  ConnectaShop can charge your credit card automatically on a per-order basis.  Daily, weekly or monthly order payments are available too, if your supplier agrees.

Can I have different agreements with different suppliers?


Every partnership is unique.  You can negotiate different commissions, shipping fees and payment options with each of your suppliers.

How do I pay my suppliers?

We partner with Stripe to manage all payments. The payments go straight from your credit card to your supplier, via Stripe. 

Payments are optional. If you or your supplier prefer to invoice and pay outside of ConnectaShop, that’s fine too. 

Are there transaction fees to pay?

Credit card processing fees and Stripe transaction fees are paid by the supplier. 

How much does it cost?

You can start by paying just $1 per order (billed monthly). Take a look at our pricing for our latest plans.

Prices are in Australian dollars, excluding GST.

There are no lock-in contracts, you can cancel, change plans, or leave at any time.

Only one party pays for ConnectaShop, either the retailer or the supplier.  The other party pays nothing to use ConnectaShop.

Got More Questions?

If you still have more questions or would like to have a chat with us, book a time below that will work for you.