3 Quick Tips For Fast Dropship Sales

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I’ll keep to my promise and make this really quick. Here are 3 fast ideas you can implement in your Dropship business to make some fast sales:

1. Create an exclusive promotion for your audience

Pick out a product that you know your audience cannot live without. Then create a special offer for them to buy right now. It could be a holiday special like a discount for Easter or maybe a bundle where they can buy everything they need to finish a project or make a change.

An example may be to promote a specific hair product that will give your head a spa treatment this weekend. Or perhaps a Dog Toy the grandkids will love to throw around for Fido. You get the picture.

2. Send out a Supplier Product Highlight

Ask a supplier to do an interview with you and talk about a specific product they love and why your audience must have it. Get your supplier to cover the basics and the benefits your audience will get. Have them show your audience what life will be like after buying the product.

And don’t forget to ask your audience to actually buy. This bit’s important.

3. Offer some extra info and training about how to get the most out of a product

I saw a really great example of this a while back for someone selling Lawn Mower Parts. The retailer sent an email out to their existing list with information on how they can get their lawn to look the same as a Baseball field. They went into quite some details about how to get the cross hatch look you see on most sports fields. This one promotion doubled their revenue for the month.

What information could you send to your existing customers to show them how to get the best out of a product?

OK, so you have a few ideas on what to do now. Now go forth and create a simple promotion you can send to your audience and make some fast Dropship sales.

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